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Summer Services

The curb appeal of your property is important, especially in the hot months. Nothing looks nicer in the summer than lush green turf that has been freshly cut.

Summer Landscape Maintenance

Our landscape maintenance program will keep the aesthetic attractiveness view from the street going all summer long.

The EYC provides these inclusive services:

  • Spring, summer and fall grounds-keeping services
  • Fertilizer and weed control, certified
  • Irrigation service including installation, start-up, shutdown and repair, all certified
  • Litter pick up and debris removal
  • Certified arbor care

Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking areas can quickly detract from your curb appeal. Littered with leaves, gravel and other debris.

Let our professional team keep your lines bright and parking areas tidy with these great value-add services.

  • Commercial sweeper truck services
  • Curb repair
  • Parking block & speed bump installation
  • Line painting
  • Asphalt repair

Power Washing Service

Getting in to detail your property for that added cleanliness appearance with our power washing service.

An exceptional add-on service to parking lot maintenance by helping you with cleaning:

  • Rust stain removal
  • Driveways cleaning
  • Sidewalks
  • Outdoor patios
  • Stairs

We’ve worked with: